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Franklin High School
100 Panther Drive
Franklin, NC 28734
(828) 524 - 6467  (school)
(828) 342 - 6613  (cell)

Director of Bands :  Mr. Buddy Huckabee

The Franklin High School Band Program is under the direction of Mr. Buddy Huckabee, and consists of the following performing ensembles:

FHS Jazz Ensemble

FHS Concert Band

FHS Symphonic Band

FHS Indoor Marching Percussion
FHS Panther Sound (Indoor Wind)
FHS "Etoile" (Winterguard)

FHS Marching Panther Regiment

We hope you enjoy our website, and come back to visit us often.  Thank you for all your support! 


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March 26, 2021

Welcome to the home of the Franklin High School Band

The 2021 Summer / Fall Band Calendar is starting to take shape!  Please start checking back for upcoming football games, competitions, and all events for the Marching Panther Regiment!
We will have ALL IMPORTANT INFORMATION and ANY SCHEDULE CHANGES for all FHS band students sent via REMIND throughout the year as needed.  If you have not downloaded the remind app, you have a few ways to do this.  EVERYONE WILL NEED TO SIGN UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in order to obtain the most updated information with all the band activities. 

To sign up for our FHS Band REMIND link:  all you need to do is this:

1 - Get your cellphone texting ready
2-   Text to this phone number:       81010
3-   in the text box, text this:          @2020fhsmar
(*do exactly as it states)
4-  Fill out the information returned to you
       (if you are already registered for Remind, you will not need
        to fill out any more information)
5-  You are set to receive all new band information from the FHS Band!

Hope you can join us for our important meeting.  If not, you may contact Mr. Huckabee at :
for information.  Thank you for your help.

2020 AllState Sugar Bowl
Class A - Field Show Competition Champions!

Overall band award-


Congratulations FHS Marching Panther Regiment!! Way to end a phenomenal season!  The "Immortal" has left it's permanent mark

    Below contains Spring 2020 Online Class  Information 

Due to the closing of all NC Schools, we are now diverting to a "Distance learning" environment until we resume normal operations.  Students will need to log on to this website weekly for your assignments, and then either text, email, send a pic, etc. your assignments to Mr. Huckabee each Friday for grading purposes.  Students should continue to practice regular rehearsal materials (music, scales, etc) and keep record of this time and what they have done.  A PRACTICE RECORD IS PROVIDED BELOW.  Please download this practice record and send it to Mr. Huckabee each Friday in "any way possible."  This will be used on their "practice records" for a weekly grade.  We will discuss concerts, competitions, projects, etc. when we return to school.  Until that time, all operations of the band are postponed.  If you have any questions, feel free to email Mr. Huckabee at:

Click the picture to the left to download the
You will use this to keep up with your practice times related to the calendar provided below.
 Franklin HS Band: 
How to Document:
MON - 3/16/2020
LESSON 1 - Read the passage below about cleaining your instrument (links below).  Then view the video in the "second" link.  After reading the selection and viewing the video for your instrument, clean them accordingly
Read this passage:

View the video below based on your instrument:
  When you are finished watching the video, and cleaning your horn, mark it on your practice record for this Friday.
(ex.  Cleaning - 1hr)
3/17 - 3/20
SCALE OF THE WEEK:    Concert "D"
Work this scale low octave - half notes w/ arpeggio
Work this scale upper octave - half notes w/ arpeggio
Work the scale All-District Style 
Work your chromatic scale pattern -    F-F-F 
 Mark Your Warmup Time on your Practice Record
Concert/ Symphonic Music Rehearsal: 
 "And Give You Peace"  - Work Measures 34-68
"Phantom" - Review / work Measures 83 - 103
"Great Divide" - Measures 109 - end
Continue Looking at Philip Bliss and Les Mis

Jazz Ensemble Music Rehearsal:
"Lester" - Measures 81 - end
"Drummin Man" - Measures 83 - end
"Stompin at the Savoy" - Work Entire Piece
Keep working the others! 
  Mark your time on your practice Record
  FRIDAY 3/20/2020
 TURN IN YOUR PRACTICE LOG (provided above)
You may email it to:
or send a picture of it.   
  Your total time @ 15 minutes minimum per day should be at least 1 hour 30 minutes.
to get this week's announcements and updates from last week's online classes.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email me:
If you are having trouble downloading this video, you may need to log onto YOUTUBE under your SCHOOL ACCOUNT name in order for it to load!  Email me if you have any issues!!

You can use these ideas to keep practicing!  Just because you do not have instruments at home does not mean you have "nothing to work on!"  Here are some examples of what you can do for your practice records:
 Several percussionists have reached out to ask "how I can practice effectively with no instrument (because you use instruments at the school)... Here are some examples of what you can do to continue learning and perfecting your percussion technique:  
1 ) Look up the percussion rudiment webpage (provided to your right) and work these rudiments (open-Closed-Open... which means...Slow, Fast, to slow again)
2) Work on basic Rhythm study (find some percussion sheet music online and practice it)
3) Youtube (or just research) videos on percussion methods of rehearsal and start working these
4)  Youtube DCI/DCA videos of drum corps drumlines and critique... what do you like, what do you not like, etc.
5) Research drum set basics and try them out (if you are weak at drum set)
6) Pick any "free" piece of music availble on the internet and work on sightreading!  
7) Work on basic piano skills and pedagogy!  (If you do not have a keyboard/piano at home, you can actually download and PRINT OFF a sample of one to use as a practice one.. (like a practice piano..made from paper)
8) Look up how to make your own mallets - (and you can even experiment with this if you would like)
9)  If you have yarn, sticks, etc. materials at home, try to practice how to string a mallet... (use your imagination to see how difficult this actually is)...
10)  Look up famous percussionists.  Find out their history, their lifestyles, where they went to college or worked, who they learned from, who they taught, etc and use this in your practice record.
11)  Research the history and uses of a percussion instrument you are not familiar with.  Learn something new about another instrument.
12)  Find a recording of any of the selections we play (or have played in the past) and write a critiqe on what you liked/disliked about it

The Percussive Arts Society International Percussion Rudiment Website:  This is to get to the list of all the INTERNATIONAL DRUM RUDIMENTS

Be sure to write in what you did this week and turn that in as your weekly practice record on Friday!

  Monday 3/23/2020 -  Friday 3/27/2020
Work this LOW octave - half notes w/ arpeggio
Work this HIGH octave - half notes w/ arpeggio
Work this scale ALL DISTRICT style 
Continue working your CHROMATIC SCALE - F-F-F
  Mark your warmup time on your practice record.
 Concert and Symphonic Music Rehearsal:
This week, we will focus on our two newest pieces.  Everyone has different parts in these pieces that they need to work on, so use your musical talents to find the selections you know you need to work on, and focus on these sections:
"Les Mis" - Pick certain segments you have issues with and practice these sections. 
"Stars and Stripes" - Pick certain segments you have issues with and practice these sections.

Please continue to work the selections from last week!  Keep these on the burner like we usually do!
 Mark what you worked on and keep up with your rehearsal time for this week!  
If you are in BOTH Concert/Symphonic band AND Jazz band, you may write these rehersal times on the SAME PRACTICE RECORD.  I do not need 2 different ones.
 Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal and Musician Study:
This week, we will do another Jazz Musician History Study!  I would like for you guys to work on the stuff assigned below, and also watch the video on this week's (and last week's) Jazz Musician History Musicians, and write and email me a short response to the questions.  You can add these to the same email on Friday for this week's practice record.  (have your video response with your practice record for one email)  

This Week's Rehearsal :
"Birth of the Blues" (Work on what you need)
"Embraceable You" (Work on consistant SLOW tempo)
"My Funny Valentine" (Work consistent SLOW tempo)
"TMI" - Try to get this back on the burner
"Poco Loco" - Try to get this one back on the burner

This Week's Jazz Musician History Lesson:
What to do:
1)  Watch the video provided (on the next column) on the life and history of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie - Then write / email a response to Mr. Huckabee's questions and email your responses by Friday:

Our Focus : 
"The Rise and Fall of Charlie Parker"
"The Friendship of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie"
"What are your opinions of these two Jazz musicians"

Watch this video on the life and history of two of Jazz music's greatest musicians:  Dizzy Gillespie
Charlie Parker
(...CLICK HERE...)

Then email (by Friday) a response on the following:
1)  What do you think was Charlie Parker's greatest downfall in his life?  Why do you think this
2)  Why do you think Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie were so much the same, yet different?  Compare and contrast the two.  (Give examples from the video).  
3)  What is your overall opinion of the music from these two Jazz artists?  
 Friday 3/27/2020
 TURN IN YOUR PRACTICE RECORD of what you have done this week.  You may email, text a pic, Instagram, etc. (whatever is easiest for you).  Hope you are all doing great!   STAY HEALTHY and KEEP WASHING YOUR HANDS... I hope to see you all soon!
 Email your practice record to my school email please:
Please be sure to link our GOOGLE CLASSROOM codes below!  If you are a leadership candidate, you will also need to get ready for ZOOM meetings if you are able to.  We will slowly transition from this website to these two learning platforms!  Thank you!
Click to edit text
 Join the FHS Band GOOGLE CLASSROOMS section here:
 In order to accomodate EVERYONE easier, and to utilize a more familiar distance learning platfrom, we will be transitiioning to 
 GOOGLE CLASSROOM  starting today for many of our lessons, videos, and practice record submissions!  Please go to your Google Classroom app and use the following codes to register for your classes:

Concert Band and Symphonic Band code:
Jazz Ensemble Code:

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  Leadership Candidates:  We will RESUME our Leadership activities online!  Please continue to check this website, and all our preparation activities will now be posted on the 2020 Leadership Google Classrooms section.  If you are a leadership candidate, please use this code to add yourself to our group!



     Franklin High School Forms and Documents:

All students MUST ride the bus to every event we participate in.  However, you will need a "ride home release" if you plan to leave with someone else after the event.  (These MUST be signed by your parent, not anyone else)

These are the rules and expectations of students and parents/chaperones during our trips and events.  Please adhere to our policies so that we all have a wonderful experience everywhere we go!  

FHS Band - NO PHOTO/NO VIDEO - Social media policy

Remember, all photos and videos will be posted in the members only page during the semester, but you are NOT allowed to post them anywhere else, and they all must be pre-approved by Huck!  No FACEBOOK Videos, Snapchats, or anything of this sort is allowed due to copyright restrictions and school policies concerning photographing students!  If anyone violates this policy we will not be able to post any others in the future.  Should you post them and be caught, you are in violation of our copyright policy and could be brought forth on charges.  Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

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