The Franklin High School Band, NC

Franklin High School
100 Panther Drive
Franklin, NC 28734
(828) 524 - 6467  (school)
(828) 342 - 6613  (cell)

Director of Bands :  Mr. Buddy Huckabee

         The FHS "Panther Sound" Indoor Winds Team:

"Panther Sound"

will NOT be competing this 

season (2019-2020) due to scheduling 

problems.  We hope you will

enjoy our indoor winds group 

in the future!

The "Heist"

Jared and Kai are going bankrupt.  Jared feels that his only hope would be to try to break into the museum and steal the magnificent diamond display worth millions.  Kai refuses to believe they should do this... What do they need to do to survive?

Does Jared steal the diamonds?   Does Kai go along with his plan or does she turn him in....?

Does he get caught?  Things are not always as they seem....

Find out what happens at a gymnasium near you.....

What is "Panther Sound?"

   Panther Sound is an indoor marching winds group that started at Franklin High School in October, 2016.  The group is similar to a small "football" marching band, except for they rehearse and compete in the spring semester, and they compete in indoor basketball stadiums across the southeast with the percussion ensemble and the winterguard groups.  We are very thankful to the administration at Union school and Cartoogechaye school for allowing us the use of their gymnasiums for rehearsals.  A schedule for the group can be found on this main "home" page. 

    This year's 2019 edition will compete in the CWEA winterguard/winter winds circuit throughout the season.  We appreciate all the parents and staff of the Franklin Indoor Percussion and the Etoile/Panther Sound groups for your continued support!

    The 2017 Panther Sound Unit ... A Look Back......

30 Years Lost:  Never Forgotten

(A Tribute to the Space Shuttle: Challenger)

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