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Franklin High School
100 Panther Drive
Franklin, NC 28734
(828) 524 - 6467  (school)
(828) 342 - 6613  (cell)

Director of Bands :  Mr. Buddy Huckabee

   The Franklin High School Marching Panther Regiment Band

The 2017-2018 Marching Panther Regiment

                                                                   ---------------  OUR 2017/2018 MARCHING SHOW-------------


---------- FALL 2017 -------------

2017 Marching Regiment Calendar of Events

Aug 7 - 11 - Full Band Camp week 1
Aug 1
4 - 18 - Full Band Camp week 2
August 17 - PARENT EXTRAVAGANZA - 5:30pm - FHS Gym
Aug 18 - Away Game (Asheville) - We are NOT travelling due to safety concerns with the eclipse
Aug 25 - Home Football (Murphy) - Meet at 4:30 (Freshmen) - Warmup at 6pm
Aug 28 - 1st Day of School / FIRST MONDAY NIGHT PRACTICE - 6pm - 8:30pm
Sept 1 - Home Football (Rabun Gap) - Meet at 4:30 - Warmup at 6pm
Sept 8 - Home Football (Swain HS) -  Meet at 4:30 - Warmup at 6pm
Sept 11 - Monday Night Practice
6pm - 8:00pm

Sept 15 - No Football Game (Open date) - NIGHT OFF :)
Sept 18 - Monday Night Practice 6pm - 8:00pm
Sept 22 - Away Football (Owen HS) - Pep Band practice at 3:30pm - leaves at 5pm
(9am - 4pm - Bring your lunch)
Sept 25 - WNC Marching Band Premiere (Andrews HS, Andrews, NC) - Leave at 4:30 - Back around 10pm
Sept 29 - Home Football (Carolina HS) - MACON MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND DAY! --Meet at 4:30 - Warmup at 6pm
Sept 30 - NW Georgia Marching Band Championships -
(Cass HS, White, GA) Itinerary TBA
Oct 2 - Monday Night Practice (6pm - 7:30pm)

Oct 6 - Awa
y Game  (Pep Band WILL NOT TRAVEL TONIGHT in preparation for the competition)
Oct 7 - Lake Lanier Tournament of Bands (Chestatee HS--Gainesville, GA)
Oct 9 - NO MONDAY night Practice TONIGHT 
Oct 13 - Home Football (Brevard HS) - HOMECOMING - ALUMNI BAND NIGHT - Meet at 4:30 - Warmup at 6pm
Oct 14 - Georgia Contest of Champions - (East Jackson Comprehensive HS-- Commerce, GA)
Oct. 16 - Monday Night Practice (6pm - 7:30pm)
Oct 20 - Home Football (E.Henderson HS) - Meet at 4:30pm - Warmup at 6pm

Oct 21 - Southern Invitational Marching Band Championships (Sprayberry HS--- Marietta, GA)
Oct. 23 - No School (Teacher Workday)
Oct. 24 - BAND PICTURES IN UNIFORMS (During school) - Bring all uniform parts to school
Oct 27 - Away Game (Pisgah HS) Pep band practice at 3:30pm - Leave at 5pm

Nov 3 - Away Game (Smoky Mtn) -- FULL BAND TRAVELS!! - Leave at 5pm
Nov. 10 - Potential Playoff Home Game TBA
Nov. 11 - (Sat) - Veteran's Day Performance (uptown Franklin, NC )  Times TBA
Nov. 17 - Potential Playoff Home Game TBA
Nov. 24 - Potential Playoff Home Game TBA

Nov 26 - Franklin Christmas Parade - Meet at 1pm - Stepoff at 3pm
Dec 2 - Highlands Christmas Parade (AM) ---- Clayton Christmas Parade of Lights (PM)

*ALL HOME PLAYOFF GAMES ARE MANDATORY after in November for a Passing Grade**

**Away games are mostly OPTIONAL, but will decide who gets to participate in playoff games**
**You MUST be at the practice prior to any performance to be allowed to perform on competitions (for any performing ensemble)



2017 Colorguard Team:


Koral Perez
Erick Martinez
Jennifer Bleier

Team Members:

Jada Collins
Isabella Cooper
Natalia Esceval-Cortez
Kristen Faye
Brandon Jiang
Teri Martin
Carter Payne
Kailynn Picciano
Abigail Sanchez

Madison Sanford

Madison Shelley

Mckenzy Tom
Kallie Webb
Alexis Wilson


 2017 FHS Band Student Leadership Team:

Students that want leadership roles (Drum Major, section leaders, etc) will go through a learning camp process, and an audition process to obtain these jobs.  Teacher recommendation forms, essays, and games/activities will be part of the work leading to auditions, while the learning process to assist the students on team building and leadership exercises and other fun activities will help them be the best prospective student leaders they can be!  Students can go for the coveted Drum Major position, or they can just go for the support groups of the band such as librarians, equipment staff, uniform staff, etc.  All leadership positions are crucial to the success of the program.

Please note:  These positions can be changed at any time due to any reason deemed necessary to change the position.  Thank you to everyone that auditioned.  You should all be proud.  Anyone wanting to be on a crew needs to talk to the "heads" of that crew.  The judges were very complimentary of each and every one of you.  Let's work together and have a great season!

Field Show Drum Major (s) = Jared Ross --- Madison Tallent

Pep Band Drum Major(s) = Kathryn MacDonald --- Justus Bailey

Marching Coordinator(s) = Alexis Kaminski --- Kathryn MacDonald

Uniform Coordinator = Emily Corrado - Head Coordinator --- Natalia E-Cortez - Assistant

Equipment / Sound Coordinator(s) = Nik Payne --- Head Coordinator --- Buddy Murphy - Assistant

Librarian = Morgan Bumgarner

Historian = TBA

Brass Coordinator = Samantha Ashe

Woodwind Coordinator = Lorien Helm

Flute Section Leader = Emily Corrado
Clarinet Section Leader = Meagan Jay
Sax Section Leader = Lorien Helm
Trumpet Section Leader = Ezri Villiard ---- Sydnie Shope  (Co-Section Leaders)
Mellophone Section Leader = Justus Bailey.
Trombone Section Leader = Samantha Ashe
Baritone/Sousaphone/Low Reeds Section Leader = Travis Carpenter

Percussion Equipment Coordinator - Reagan Kimsay
Drumline Captain - Allen Martin
Front Ensemble Captain - Kaitlyn Cloer
Bass Drum Section Leader - Linzi Nicholson
Colorguard Captain(s) = Koral Perez --- Erick Martinez --- Jennifer Bleir (Co-Captains)

  "Head" members will hire their own crew members.  If you want to be on a crew, please talk to the "head" of that crew.



Operation and Fees:
The operation of the marching band takes up approximately 88% of the band's total yearly budget.  Students are required to pay a band fee to Franklin High School to assist in their "fair share" of the operational costs of the program.  All fee amounts can be found in the band packet sent out to all freshmen, or can be obtained by members and parents of the program through the members area.  Freshmen are required to do marching band, and concert band their full freshman year.  Upperclassmen that do not participate in marching band, but do participate in Jazz and/or Concert band will be required to pay a smaller portioned band fee for their semester of class. (*For a "fee" breakdown, please go to the 'Contact Us link and send the director an email and he would be glad to assist you).  All fees for marching band are due the SECOND DAY of band camp, and will be payable at registration to Franklin High School.  All students must have fees paid for before the end of the first full week of school in August to be able to perform with the ensemble.  Please prepare early for fees, as time will fly by when you are having fun!  Students that need a payment plan for fees will also be able to take advantage of paying their fees through our annual FHS Fine Arts Fruit/Citrus Sale.  The sale usually begins in late September to early October, and will conclude around early November, with a delivery date set to have fruit baskets made up just in time for Christmas!  The past few years, the fruit has been spectacular!  If fruit is currently on sale, there will be an order form that you can fill out on the "home" page right here on our website!  Please keep in mind that UNLESS YOU ARE AN EMAIL ORDER, all students are required to deliver your fruit to you!

Band Camp Expectations:
Summer Camp dates will be on the calendar (usually mid/late July to August just as school begins).  All students that are enrolled in marching and ALL FRESHMEN or first year FHS students must attend band camp in order to participate!  Also, all freshmen and transfer students must attend "rookie" camp (usually day one).  Click on the dates of camp on the calendar for when you are required to be at camp.  It will be hot, and you will stink!  You will need to arrive a few minutes early to be on time...and you will want to bring your lunch (NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO LEAVE CAMP after arrival until departure time), sunscreen, water/Gatorade, snacks, deodorant instruments, "theme day stuff,"  comfortable clothes you can move around in, and a GREAT ATTITUDE which can be contagious!

Competition / Trip Expectations:
All students should know that when we are on any trip away from campus (even an away football game), they are to abide by all policies set forth by the school system, and the county policies.  Any student that does not will be sent home at the parent's expense, and will NOT be allowed to participate in another event for a amount of time designated by the director and the principal.  Severe cases may cause the student to be dismissed from the program.
STUDENT RIDE HOME RESTRICTIONS : ALL STUDENTS must ride the bus with the group to any and all functions.  If a student wishes to ride home with parents, they must fill out a "ride-home release form" found in the Members Only section.  Any student that does not obtain the form are not allowed to leave and must ride back with the ensemble.

"Past Shows" under the Direction of Mr. Huckabee

2002 - "An American Fantasy"
2003 - "Lord of the Rings"
2004 - "Around the World in 8 Minutes" - (2004 Gator Bowl Division Champions)
2005 - "Pirates of the Caribbean"
2006 - "Phantom of the Opera
2007 - "Imagination: The Music of Dr. Seuss" - (2007 Alamo Bowl Division Champions)
2008 - "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
2009 - "Once Upon a Dream : The Music of Walt Disney's Fantasmic"
2010 - "Remembrance:  Pearl Harbor"
2011 - "The Sunday Crossword" - (2011 Gator Bowl Division Champions)
2012 - "Believe : The music of Polar Express"

2013 - "We Wanna Rock!"

2014 - "The Heist"
2015 - "The Eye of Egypt" (2015 Liberty Bowl Show - Halftime show with music SuperStar - Craig Morgan)

2016 - "A Love for All Seasons"
2017 - "Don't Look Under the Bed"

Franklin High School's most visible and notable performing group is the FHS Marching Panther Regiment Band.  Pictured above, the students and staff members enjoy a day at the beach following several first place awards at the 2012 Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida (January 2012).  The band has won many other first place awards throughout the southeast, including the 2005 Gator Bowl, the 2008 Valero Alamo Bowl, and various competitions.  The Marching Panther Regiment can be seen various times throughout the fall semester from western and central North Carolina, to Atlanta Georgia and occasional trips to Florida.  The band students that register are required to participate in any and all mandatory events, competitions, concerts, parades, etc, as well as attend a MANDATORY summer camp in July.

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